R.O.S.A. Tucson

Program Details

Retrouvaille is open to all married couples, of all ages and walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Some have already separated or divorced, but want to try again. Many are struggling to stay together. What all these couples have in common is a sincere desire to build a stable, loving marriage. Retrouvaille programs can help achieve this goal. (For purposes of our program, Retrouvaille defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman.)

Retrouvaille Weekend

Retrouvaille begins with a weekend experience in which husbands and wives are helped to re-establish effective communication and to gain new insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple.

This part of the program is presented by three married couples and a priest. The team couples--who have themselves, experienced disillusionment, pain, anger, and conflict--offer hope as they share their personal stories of struggle, reconciliation and healing. You will find courage and strength in the realization that you are not alone in your struggle, and that there are solutions to your problems. Weekend sessions are held at a local retreat facility.

The weekend is not a spiritual retreat, not a sensitivity group, not a seminar, not a social gathering, nor is it counseling. You will not be asked to share your problems with anyone else. However, you will be encouraged to put the past behind you and to work together to heal your relationship and rediscover one another in a new and positive way.

Post-Weekend Sessions

A follow-up series of presentations, which provide a time and place to work on your relationship, is an important phase of the healing process. This phase of the Retrouvaille program offers a more relaxed setting to explore other subjects relating to marriage and love, to renew your commitment, and to develop new insights and skills.

The following topics are among the areas to be explored during the post-weekend phase:

  • Building a Healthy Marriage
  • Listening and Communication
  • Family of Origin, Personality Styles
  • Needs, Expectations, Values, Personal Relationship with God
  • Love and Commitment
  • Forgiveness and Trust
  • Managing Conflict
  • Intimacy
  • Sexuality
  • The Sacrament of Marriage
  • Marriage in the Community

C.O.R.E. Sessions

In addition to the Weekend and Post-Weekend phases of Retrouvaille, for graduates of the Retrouvaille program, a support group called C.O.R.E. (Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience) is offered for interaction with other couples who are striving to improve their relationships. This group offers continued support and encouragement as you continue to build your relationship with other couples who have completed the program.